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Prof. Dr. Mohammad Nizamuddin (S.I.)

It is a source of immense pleasure for me to see Punjab Higher Education Commission (PHEC) fully prospering into a proactive and functional organization. Since its inauguration by the honorable Chief Minister of Punjab, Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif, the Commission has achieved many milestones in a relatively short span of time. The mandate of the Commission was to primarily improve the quality and standard of academics of the higher education sector by promoting research-oriented publications amongst other contemporary methods of assessment. Instead of relying on the quantity of work, the central attention of PHEC has been essentially focused upon restructuring and enhancing the quality of education in existing Higher Education Institutes (HEIs). This has been done through the promotion of research, development and hosting workshops for the training of teachers. So far, PHEC has initiated several faculty development programmes through which foreign scholarships have been doled out to the deserving and competent faculty members of HEIs in Punjab. Punjab Higher Education Commission has taken vital steps through Professional Development Programmes to further the quality of teaching and research. Moreover, a teachers’ training academy on the pattern of the Civil Services Academy, where teachers would be rigorously trained and equipped with modern pedagogical skills, has been established. For the promotion of culture of research, the Commission has also started arranging various seminars at public sector institutions. These steps would certainly improve the overall interface of the HEIs in Punjab. Furthermore, Student Counseling and Skill Development Centers are also established to incubate market-oriented and prolific skills in students graduating from HEIs. This initiative would pave the path for students to shine within their respective areas of profession. These proposed projects would prove that students from public sector institutions possess high employability skills, if they are given an exposure to proper training and career counselling. Hence, given the consistent pace of work and the collaborative efforts of the team at PHEC, I hope that the Commission would achieve its pre-set targets with the necessary support from the Punjab government.