Punjab Higher Education Commission was established under the Act 2014 by Government of the Punjab with the aim of improvement and promotion of higher education, research and development and for bringing provincial higher education institutions at par with national and international standards. Under Section 10 (d) of Punjab Higher Education Commission, PHEC cause monitoring and evaluation on the performance of the institutions and carry out accreditation of institutions including their sub-campuses, out post, faculties, directorates and disciplines through Accreditation Committee.

Under section 12 (2) Accreditation Committee has a legal status and make recommendations to the Commission in respect of following matters:-

  • Grant of charter for the establishment of institutions in the private sector.
  • Addition of new faculties by the private sector institutions.
  • Opening of sub-campuses by the private sector institutions.
  • Grant of affiliation by the private sector institutions.
  • Monitoring, inspection and visitation into affairs of the institutions and
  • Any other matter assigned to the Accreditation Committee by the Commission

After consequent upon establishment of Punjab Higher Education Commission, PHEC started monitoring and evaluation, accreditation of institutions including their sub-campuses, out posts, faculties, directorates and disciplines and for grant of charter of Private Sector DAIs through Accreditation Committee.

Universities and Institutes in Punjab

Procedure for the Establishment of a New University or an Institute in Private Sector
Flowchart for Process of Establishing New Private Sector University/Institute in Punjab 2020    
Self-Checklist for the Feasibility Report (With Explanations)    
Parameters to Evaluate the Requests of Private Sector HEIs
Instructions and Template for the Creation of Endowment Fund
Criteria to Start a New Faculty/Department/Program by the Private Sector Universities/Institutes in Punjab 

Colleges in Punjab

Pre-Requiste Proforma to Start BS 4-Year Programme (BSFYP) in Colleges

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