As per PHEC Act 2014, various functions pertaining to improving higher education have been assigned to PHEC. There are several working wings/directorates under the umbrella of PHEC. Academics and Research (A&R) Wing is one of the major directorates. So far, it has done commendable work throughout the inception & founding year of PHEC i.e. 2015-2016. The wing is mainly trying to fulfill the following functions as mentioned in PHEC Act 2014.

  • Take measures, including allocation of funds, for award of fellowships, scholarships, travel and research grants
  • Undertake various faculty development programs for improving the quality of teaching and research in the institutions
  • Encourage, support and facilitate training programs, workshops and symposia at provincial and regional levels in public and private sector institution

Following major programs by A&R PHEC are currently active: