Punjab Higher Education Commission (PHEC) under the PHEC Act, 2014 (1 of 15) has the mandate to undertake various faculty development programs for improving the quality of teaching and research in the institutions, take measures including allocation of funds, for award of fellowships, scholarships, travel and research grants, facilitate organizing conferences, seminars and symposia in the institutions of higher education (public and private sector universities and public post-graduate colleges) in order to promote a culture of research.

As per its mandate in true spirit, PHEC has specified a separate team forming one of the core divisions of PHEC i.e. Human Resource Development Division (HRD). HRD has been actively involved in initiation and implementation of various programs for the capacity building of the public sector teaching faculty and promoting a research culture among higher education institutions.

Following major programs by HRD PHEC are currently active:


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Dr. Muhammad Mumtaz Ali Khan
Director (HRD)
Email: mumtaz.ali@punjabhec.gov.pk