Teachers in Higher Education usually join the teaching profession without any formal training in teaching methodology, learning psychology and classroom management. They develop teaching skills out of their own experiences or from experiences shared by colleagues in course of their teaching career. This non-formal and incoherent acquisition of knowledge of teaching-learning paradigms, the mastery on teaching methodology among the faculty suffers from inadequacy. Moreover, the traditional methods of lecturing do not meet the demands of the dissemination of knowledge in classrooms effectively in today’s scenario where outcome-based education and student-centered teaching are the order of the day.

A good teacher training program should be like a support for teachers to sharpen their teaching techniques as and when required. It is important for the teacher training programs to understand the need of the teachers and take due cognizance of the teachers as adult learners.

The Government of Punjab has entrusted the responsibility of training the newly inducted faculty of public sector colleges to Punjab Higher Education Commission (PHEC). PHEC is fully aware of the training needs of newly inducted teachers to beget an enabling learning environment in our colleges.

In the first phase of training, PHEC is organizing the training program for 678 newly recruited Lecturers of the Higher Education Department in its purpose-built and state-of-art residential Faculty Training Academy. The first phase will comprise on 07 batches, training around 100 teachers in each batch.

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