Teaching and learning goes hand in hand which makes it necessary for the education institutions to have teacher training modules which are well knit in the curriculum. It should cater to the demands of teaching fraternity which may arise during the teaching learning process. A good teacher training program should be like a support for teachers to sharpen their tools as and when required. It is important for the teacher training programs to understand the need of the teachers and take due cognizance of the teachers as adult learners. In this regard, PHEC is fully aware for the need to train teachers comprehensively to beget an enabling learning environment. Therefore, it established a separate directorate for trainings of teachers across length and breadth of Punjab. Currently this directorate is looking after Professional Development Program of College and University Teachers through Short-Term Training Program and 5-day Training for Public Sector College Heads. The trainings have been envisaged to have the desired output as:

1- To expose teachers with emerging methods of new pedagogical skills
2- To align teachers with modern classroom environment and management of stress
3- To make teachers aware of new ways to instill learning amongst students
4- To introduce teachers with new technological and digital technologies and their effectiveness in delivering classroom lectures
5- To beget out of the box thinking in teachers for the management academic environment and resulting crisis
6- To enable teachers to learn new research methods to be applied in conjunction with theoretical understanding of subjects being taught.

Training courses for College Principals have been arranged to:

1- Better administration of colleges
2- Upgrade standardization of colleges
3- Introduce them to new means and ways for management of academic, financial and planning aspects within colleges

Induction Training of College Teachers

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