Since the inception of media cell, it has been PHEC vehicle that intervenes in the social and conventional media to project PHEC’s point of view in a subtle and effective manner. The media cell was created last year to tap the electronic as well as social media as it had turned into the most dynamic form of interactive media in modern times and a powerful means to access information. Since the role of social media in affecting public opinion has increased, it is importance for all divisions, including the chairperson office.  This cell is mandated with preparing the quarterly newsletters, annual reports, press briefs, newspaper articles, in consultation with other PHEC’s directorates.  Within a year, PHEC has grown out to be a powerful tool for the projection of PHEC’s activities in media.


  • First initiative taken by the Media and Communications Cell was the publication of Quarterly Newsletter and making it a regular feature of PHEC.
  • Media and Communications Cell was actively engaged in consolidating data from all directorates into reports for displaying accessible information.
  • It is responsible for sending necessary information to public and private educational institutions, journalists, and educationists, governmental and non-governmental organizations.
  • It is also responsible for counteracting negative publicity, misinformation, creating accessible information for the public, handling rumors, and crisis management is very important functions as well. Press releases, issued by PHEC, also create accessible information for the public and give a periodic reminder of PHEC’s activities
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