In the 10th Expert Review Committee Meeting, held on November 14 2017, it has been decided to revisit and update program policies and SOPs for conference/seminar funding. In the meantime, PHEC will not be accepting conference/seminar/workshop proposals. The proposal will be accepted on revised application format and as per new policy/SOPs after January 01, 2018.


The Punjab Higher Education Commission (PHEC) provides funding for organizing conferences, seminars and symposia in the institutions of higher learning in order to promote a culture of research. These activities help the concerned faculty to improve their research and teaching skills.

The program hosting university/college may organize conferences/ seminars/ symposium on specific topics/areas/issues in any discipline relevant to the needs of the faculty and students. The program planning and execution would be the responsibility of hosting institution. The PHEC provides funding following the appropriate academic and financial monitoring. The seminar/symposium could be one day event whereas conference maybe up to four days.

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