After the ratification of 18th Amendment to the Constitution of Pakistan and the devolution of the subject of higher education to the provinces, the Chief Minister proclaimed the establishment of the Punjab Higher Education Commission (PHEC) in February 2013. It was included in the Medium Term Development Framework (MTDF) 2014-17. Following this proposed plan, a five member Steering Committee comprising Vice Chancellors from leading universities of the Punjab was constituted by the Chief Minister to put up recommendations for improving the standard, quality and provision of higher education in Punjab. After exhaustive deliberations, the Committee prepared “Future Road Map of Higher Education” in which it endorsed the establishment of a Punjab Higher Education Commission (PHEC) as an autonomous body. The PHEC Ordinance was approved in October 2014 and the “Punjab Higher Education Commission Act 2014” was passed in January 2015. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Nizamuddin (SI) was appointed as its first Chairperson. PHEC became fully functional in the month of May 2015, and started working on formulating its 3-year strategic plan to bring higher education at par with modern needs.