Chairperson Message

Considering Pakistan’s socio-economic predicament, provision of quality higher education in alignment with the provincial/national policy and brining it at par with the global international standards is the utmost need of the hour. This becomes so due to the high incidence of illiteracy in a world which is growing at a pace faster than ever before. Keeping in view the immense potential of our promising youth and the profusion of possibilities that our land could offer, inexhaustible pool of educational opportunities and the requisite support system is essential to check the meagre enrollment proportion and gigantic drop out statistic. The prime objective of promoting universal quality higher education is to save the deteriorating pecuniary conditions and bridle the escalating unemployment ratio.

We also need to realize that the best fortification of educational objectives is the early detection, sagacious planning, timely execution and regular appropriate systematic and systemic checks which result in out-come based endeavors.

All these, simultaneously, have to be coupled with not only the socio-cultural patterns but significantly to the meritorious and well-integrated infrastructure, and thoughtfully and technologically designed institutional framework. In line with the spirit and vision of the PHEC Act 2014, we have to cut the long way short by working diligently and assiduously to institutionalize our endeavors for concretization of principles, standards and practices of quality education and also prescribing optimally efficient guidelines to establish and regulate Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) in Punjab and act as role model for other national institutions. In this perspective, meritorious accreditation of institutions, quality assurance and monitoring are deemed vital for the improved governance and ranking of HEIs.

A healthy society is indispensable not only for a healthy family living but also for the growing progressive nation. Therefore, the Commission aims to work in collaboration with all the stakeholders and State Institutions to materialize the objectives of development, improvement, growth and welfare for all by diagnosing and treating the hurdles in the way of accessible, equitable and affordable education. Along with this consciousness, there is a need to tap the talent as well as maximize the research and development in the academic sector which can serve as source of advancement and progress in the associated fields at a macro scale through its ripple effect.

The Commission upholds the mission of providing necessary assistance in the various disciplinary and inter-disciplinary fields and knowledge management in the form of provision of Research Grants (Foreign/Indigenous), Doctoral Scholarships (Foreign/Indigenous), Fellowships, Faculty Development and Pedagogical Programs, and establishing Research Funds. Our fully functional Staff Development Academy is a living instance of the such moves. Furthermore, efforts are to be channelized in the direction of establishing the worth of hard and social sciences to attain maximum educational, professional and outcome-oriented results. The management resolves to strive to implement such initiatives which lead to the integration of the public private sector and industry academia linkages.

Inspired by the public spirit and realizing its social responsibility, Punjab Higher Education Commission supports the cause of saving and thriving lives through awareness raising and market driven skills and in doing so restores the respect for the living who are the lifeline of the country and institutions of training for future generation.

Let’s join this unflinching move to secure the future of our Dear Nation!

Prof. Dr. Shahid Munir
Chairperson, Punjab Higher Education Commission.