COO Message

Under Section 11 of the Punjab Higher Education Commission (PHEC), I have been mandated to serve as Chief Operating Officer—head of the executive wing of the Commission—to implement the orders, decisions, directives, and policy of the Commission as well as the Government.

PHEC aims at facilitating and coordinating with all stakeholders, in line with the Government policies, to promote higher education, research, and development and to bring provincial higher education at par with national and international standards.
Having more than 22 years of professional experience at public sector organizations, I believe that motivation for change comes from inwards, through maintaining discipline, transparency, supremacy of merit, and teamwork. As a COO, I am determined to bring a healthy change at PHEC through implementing these tenets by taking all the stakeholders on board.

Inshallah, under the vision and policies of the government, I am very confident that PHEC will contribute towards improving the access and quality of Higher Education with concerted efforts of my team to bring positive in the society.

Dr. Mansoor Ahmad Baluch
Chief Operating Officer
Punjab Higher Education Commission