Message of the Minister of Higher Education Punjab                  

Higher Education improves an individual’s quality of life. Compared to high school, college graduates have longer life spans, better access to health care, better dietary and health practices, greater economic stability and security, more prestigious employment and greater job satisfaction, less dependency on government assistance, greater knowledge of government, greater community service and leadership, more volunteer work, more self-confidence, and less criminal activity and incarceration. In addition, university/college graduates supposedly have greater use of seatbelts, more continuing education, greater Internet access, greater attendance at live performances, greater participation in leisure and artistic activities, more book purchases, and higher voting rates. Higher education, theoretically, will also enable individuals to expand their knowledge and skills, express their thoughts clearly in speech and in writing, grasp abstract concepts and theories, and increase their understanding of the world and their community.


We provide holistic quality higher education to all the citizens in an effective, efficient, and supportive environment to facilitate them in the achievement of their goals and objectives.


To promote Higher Education system that may keep pace with developments and changes in today’s world, meet the requirements of sustainable development in the Knowledge Era, while preserving the cultural identity of our society and contribute to the progress and development of humankind by raising the quality of institutions of higher education in Punjab. Our mission is further summarized as follows:

  • Upgrading educational and teaching excellence
  • Enhancing excellence in research
  • Customizing HEIs’ international presence
  • Revamping the organization and operation of Administrative Services
  • Using, applying and making the most of current Information and Communication Technologies
  • Modernizing the quality of student services
  • Connecting the universities/colleges with society and promoting of HEIs’ to a landmark of development and culture
  • Supporting HEIs become environmentally friendly universities/colleges
  • Organizing HEIs as friendly and accessible universities/colleges towards all citizens irrespective of cast and creed and with disabilities

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