Digital and Smart Libraries of Punjab aim to incubate reading and research culture. Initially the idea of this Project was conceived by the Chief Minister of Punjab to make the reading as a dominant habit in Punjab among youth. The British Council decided to provide it expertise for the successful implementation of the project. In the meanwhile, Punjab Government also asked PHEC for it execution through the length and breadth of Punjab to actualize the plan. PHEC also collaborated with all stakeholders to prepare the PC -I of the project. The project entailed state of the art facilities to be extended throughout Punjab.

The rationale of the project included to inculcate the reading and e -learning culture amongst teachers, students, lawyers, general readers, and the concerned members of society. Following are some of the benefits which would be accrued to general public:

  • Provision of educational and learning activities
  • Revival of reading culture through easy availability of huge digital content
  • Arrangement of classes for different learning skills via online system
  • Provision of different educational material in the form of documentaries and lectures

In the first phase of the project, e -books, e -journals, digital clippings and media content related to education will be provided to general readers all over Punjab. Moreover, the facility of this library would be provided in public places also to make its access feasible and easy for common man. The PC -I of this project has been submitted by PHEC to concerned authorities.