Andragogical / Pedagogical Skills

  • 22-23 JANUARY 2020


Punjab Higher Education Commission (PHEC) organized a two-day (22-23 Jan. 2020) training workshop on “Andragogical/Pedagogical Skills” for the college faculty at PHEC Staff Development Academy (SDA) Lahore. Dr. Shariqa Nasreen, Dr. Mubashar Nadeem, Dr. Afsheen Masood, Dr. Riffat Un Nisa Awan, Dr. Ashfaque Ahmad Shah have delivered lectures to participants on Andragogical/Pedagogical Skills for the grooming of Interactive skills of teachers. The training was fully residential, where a total of 45 Lecturers and Assistant Professors from the Sargodha Division received training. Faculty Members appreciated PHEC efforts. Chairman PHEC distributed the certificates among the teachers.


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