Intellectual Property & Patent Filing

  • September 25-26, 2023
Training Audience University Faculty & Administration and potential patent filers for Private Sector Universities
No. of Participants 25
Training Duration Two Days Training
Resource Person/s
  1. Ms. Shakra Khurshid, Senior Patent Examiner at IPO Lahore


Punjab Higher Education Commission (PHEC) in collaboration with the Intellectual Property Organization (IPO), Pakistan organized a Two-days training workshop from directors ORIC and potential patent filers at universities on Intellectual Property and Patent Filing today at UVAS, Lahore. Dr. Shahid Munir in his address further said that PHEC will empower the faculty members to protect their knowledge capital and advance research and innovation in the universities and also provide financial patronage. He highlighted Orak’s role in facilitating the protection of intellectual property rights of university teachers and said that we are trying to create innovation in the academic community. He explained the practical strategy and emphasized that there is a need to simplify patent filing by removing complications. Dr. Shahid Munir added that research creates new knowledge, new products and new procedures and obtaining a PATENT is a manifestation of the uniqueness of the invention or innovation resulting from research. Ms. Shakra Khurshid, Senior Patent Examiner at IPO at Lahore delivered the training session and responded to participants questions regarding patent filing. At the end of the ceremony, the chairman distributed certificates to the participants.


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