Use of Generative Artificial Intelligence in Higher Education

  • January 11, 2024
Training Audience Lecturers & Asst. Professors from Public and Private Sector Universities of Punjab (Batch3)
No. of Participants 48
Training Duration One Day
Resource Person/s
  1. M. Fayyaz Ur Rehman (University of Sargodha)


Prof. Dr. Shahid Munir (T.I), Chairperson Punjab Higher Education Commission (PHEC), graced the concluding ceremony and distributed certificates among participants of one day training workshops (Batch-3) as part of faculty development program of Punjab Higher Education Commission. The training on “Use of Generative Artificial Intelligence in Higher Education” was organized by PHEC from January 11, 2024 at Veterinary Academy UVAS, Lahore. Around 48 lecturers and assistant professors serving public and private sector universities participated in the training.

The training program aimed to provide participants with a deep understanding of generative artificial intelligence in higher education. Attendees will gain practical skills to enhance teaching, learning, and research using AI. The focus is on fostering an environment for creative content generation, personalized learning, and ethical deployment of AI tools in the evolving educational landscape.


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