The first International Students Convention was organized under the auspices of the Punjab Higher Education Commission. The convention held in a local hotel was presided over by the chairperson Prof. Dr. Shahid Munir. The guest of honor for the opening session was Governor Punjab Mian Balighur Rehman and the provincial minister for education Mansoor Qadir for the closing session. Apart from a large number, the ambassadors of Iran and Palestine also participated. More than 1,000 students from foreign countries also participated in the convention and highlighted their respective cultures in the form of various stalls.

Speaking on this occasion, Governor Punjab said that the trend of students from foreign countries in Pakistani universities is encouraging. Foreign students have all kinds of protection and facilities in the universities of Punjab. The male and female students beautifully demonstrated the cultural activities of their countries. It is very important to organize such events for the promotion of science and arts and research in the world. By organizing the International Students Convention, students of foreign countries will be encouraged to study in Pakistani universities and will gain awareness of each other’s culture.

Chairman Punjab Higher Education Dr. Shahid Munir deserves congratulations for organizing a successful International Students Convention. Dr. Shahid Munir said in his address that our message to the world is love and knowledge. We can provide quality education with very low fees compared to other countries. Pakistani universities have to work to attract international students. Pakistan is a peaceful country for higher education. We invite them to come and study in Pakistan. Our universities are getting a better position in the world ranking. We want to open doors for foreign students in our universities. Let the media tell the world that Pakistan is a peaceful country for acquiring knowledge. The arrival of international students will also bring dollars to Pakistan. Currently, 1119 students are studying in the universities of Punjab from foreign countries. We want to increase their number.

Dr. Shahid Munir thanked the Governor of Punjab and the provincial education minister and all the guests. The provincial education minister Mansoor Qadir said that the foreign students are our guests. Yes, we will provide them with all the necessary facilities and security so that they can study with heart. Dr. Sohail Naqvi, Prof. Dr. Nizamuddin, and Consul General of Iran Jafar Rohanas also addressed the convention and for holding the International Students Convention for the first time.

PHE is worthy of praise. At the convention, students from Afghanistan, Iran, Sri Lanka, China, Sudan, Nepal, Somalia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Palestine, Yemen, and Nigeria presented performances containing cultural activities of their countries. In the convention, the governor of Punjab and the provincial education minister also distributed shields among the vice-chancellors, ambassadors, and other guests.


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