Prof.  Dr. Shahid Munir attended the first National Joint Universities Conference at PU organized by Institute of polymer & Textile Engineering

  • 15 Jun 2023
  • PostedIn: PHEC

PHEC’s Chairperson Prof.  Dr. Shahid Munir has said that making universities the center of technology and product development is the first priority of PHEC. Addressing the First National Joint Universities Conference on Upcycling of Local Production of Polymeric Materials in collaboration with Polymer and Textile Engineering and Pakistan Academy of Science.Vice Chancellor Dr. Khalid Mehmood, former VC UET Dr. Fazal Ahmed Khalid and other scholars addressed the conference and presented papers. Prof.  Dr. Shahid Munir said that polymers, textiles and allied materials are the backbone of our country. The export potential in textiles is very high. The textile industry is the largest manufacturing sector in Pakistan, contributing about 8.5% to the GDP.By increasing local production of polymer and textile materials, we can provide employment to millions of people. Engineers and specialists have to make the discovery of new materials in the manufacture of products the focus of their research. He said that researchers from Imperial College London, Duke University and University of California have developed a metamaterial that can hide defense installations. Researchers at the Royal Institute of Technology have developed a nano-paper (based on graphene). A sheet stronger than steel, even a bullet cannot break it. Researchers at the California Institute of Technology and Barclay Lab have developed a glass stronger than steel. Stems, banana plants and coconut husks can be used to make plastic. This material can be used in the automotive industry. Similarly, at the Tokyo Motor Show in Japan, a type of tire that is solid, this is called “thermoplastic”. These tires have almost no chance of getting punctured. We have to model the world’s emerging economy and technology-rich states and universities. He said that a critical and creative approach has to be adopted for innovations.