Prof. Dr. Shahid Munir, Chairperson PHEC, participated as chief guest in Open House Award Ceremony at UCP, Lahore

  • 25 Jul 2023
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Prof. Dr. Shahid Munir Emphasizes Building a Manufacturing-Based Economy and High Intellectual Capital at the University of Central Punjab’s Open House Award Ceremony. The Faculty of Engineering at the University of Central Punjab (UCP) organized an Open House Award Ceremony, graced by the Chief Guest, Prof. Dr. Shahid Munir, Chairperson of PHEC.

Addressing the audience, Prof. Dr. Shahid Munir highlighted the need to transform the country’s economy by focusing on building a strong manufacturing-based sector. He emphasized the role of universities in nurturing High Intellectual Capital to drive innovation and technological advancement in the country.

“Universities play a pivotal role in shaping the future of a nation,” said Prof. Dr. Shahid Munir. “It is imperative for us to prioritize research and development and foster an environment that promotes innovation and creativity among students and faculty members.”
He stressed the importance of establishing Business Incubator Centers within universities to support and promote entrepreneurship. These centers would serve as hubs for budding entrepreneurs to receive mentorship, resources, and guidance to turn their innovative ideas into successful ventures.

Furthermore, Prof. Dr. Shahid Munir unveiled the “Ingenious Ph.D. Scheme of PHEC,” a groundbreaking initiative aimed at encouraging research on local issues. The scheme is designed to support doctoral research that addresses challenges specific to the region, ultimately contributing to sustainable development and socioeconomic growth. At the conclusion, cash awards and certificates were presented to the winners of the projects across different categories.