Prof. Dr. Shahid Munir (T.I.) Chairperson PHEC, attended the 10th Convocation of the University of Sargodha, as a chief guest

  • 22 Dec 2023
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The 10th Convocation of the University of Sargodha (UOS) witnessed a momentous celebration of academic achievements as Prof. Dr. Shahid Munir, Chairperson of the Punjab Higher Education Commission (PHEC), graced the occasion as the Chief Guest. The event, held at UOS, specifically honored the outstanding accomplishments of graduates from the & & .

In his address, Prof. Dr. Shahid Munir urged the graduates to persist in their pursuit of excellence and to embrace the opportunities that lie ahead. He commended the graduates for their dedication and hard work, acknowledging their role as future leaders in their respective fields.
Chairperson PHEC emphasized the pivotal role of higher education in shaping the destiny of individuals and the nation as a whole. He underscored the importance of continuous learning and innovation, particularly in the dynamic and ever-evolving global landscape.

“The journey of education does not conclude with this convocation; it is a lifelong commitment to learning, growth, and contribution to society. As you embark on your professional journeys, remember that higher education equips you not only with knowledge but also with the skills and mindset necessary to navigate the challenges of the future,” remarked Prof. Dr. Shahid Munir.

The convocation ceremony also featured the conferring of degrees upon the graduates, symbolizing their successful completion of academic programs and their readiness to contribute meaningfully to their chosen fields.