Professor Dr. Shahid Munir participated at event celebrating 10 years of Amal Academy an educational organization at Avari Hotel, Lahore

  • 01 Jun 2023
  • PostedIn: PHEC

Chairman Punjab Higher Education Commission, Professor Dr. Shahid Munir has said that a low budget for education is an obstacle in the way of research work. Dr. Shahid Munir said that most of the grants received by universities go towards salaries and sufficient funds are not available for research work. He admitted that there is a lack of industry-academia linkage that needs to be addressed, and curriculum development can play an important role in this regard. He said that there should be a curriculum that is compatible with the needs of the industry. In order to deal with the problems faced by the country, the trend of entrepreneurship should be promoted among the students. In his address, Dr. Shahid Munir said that the country is currently facing many challenges including the environment, growing population, and economy, for which educational institutions should meet the needs of the market. Production of suitable manpower is essential. In his speech, Dr. Shahid Munir said that the countries involved in South Asia are facing four types of problems, which include population expansion, climate change, conflicts, and unemployment. He said that there are not enough resources in the region as the population is increasing rapidly. He said that the increase in population not only causes economic instability but also affects the education system. He said that according to an estimate, the world’s population will reach 10 billion in 2050, which needs to be controlled. According to the demands of the 21st century and market needs, providing scholarships to graduates is a welcome initiative of Amal Academy. He was addressing the function of Amal Academy, an educational organization at Avari Hotel. Director of Akhuwat Foundation Amjad Saqib Government College University Vice Chancellor Dr. Asghar Zaidi, Vice Chancellor University Education Dr. Talat Naseer Pasha, and other academicians also addressed the ceremony.