Punjab Higher Education Commission (PHEC) celebrated teacher’s Day at PHEC conference room

  • 05 Oct 2023
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A ceremony was organized in the office of Punjab Higher Education Commission, on the occasion of Teacher’s Day, while addressing the ceremony, Chairman Dr. Shahid Munir said that teachers play an important role in the development of male and female students. The duty of teachers is to create new trends for education in students, a teacher is a great leader who trains his students academically, morally and spiritually. PHEC is spending a budget of several million on doctoral and postdoctoral and teacher training for teachers. In the meeting with the TSA delegation, Dr. Shahid Munir said that UET is the most important educational institution of the country. He said that it is the need of the hour to promote the links between academia and industries, and he also gave suggestions to increase the sources of income of UET. Professor Dr. Muhammad Shoaib congratulated Dr. Shahid Munir on receiving the medal of distinction, Chairperson PHEC Prof. Dr. Shahid Munir thanked the delegation of Teaching Staff Association UET. Prof. Dr. M. Nizamuddin, Prof. Dr. Hasan Amir Shah, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Afzal, Prof. Dr. Anjum Naseem Sabri, Dr. Tanvir Qasim and Prof.Dr. Imtiaz Shafiq, Dr Mumtaz Khan also participated in the ceremony.