In the wake of the current COVID-19 pandemic, Punjab Higher Education Commission (PHEC) is taking all possible measures to facilitate Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in managing their academic affairs and online delivery of courses. To this end, PHEC is endeavouring to share resources to help them do their teaching-learning process online and equipping them with the material and technical support to effectively engage in the uninterrupted delivery of online lectures to the students.

PHEC Committee on the formulation of policy guidelines on higher education in the current scenario is a promising step in this regard. Under the recommendations of the committee, PHEC has compiled a list of online teaching-learning resources for students as well as teachers. These consist of a variety of resources presented in various formats – webinars, PowerPoint presentations, tutorials as well as short courses to learn about online teaching and learning.

Articles/Tutorials for Online Teaching

  1. To understand the need of online teaching
  2. Awareness to the technology available for this

  3. Their hands on the available technology, Adaptability and Change Management

  4. Resources required to the universities to efficiently manage the situation of Covid-19 Safety compliance
    1. How to use Microsoft Teams for Remote and Online learning
    2. How to use Zoom for Remote and Online Learning
    3. The NEW Google Classroom – Full Tutorial
    4. Create Video in Canvas
    5. Record a Webcam and Screen Capture Video to your Canvas My Media
    6. "Current main challenges about teaching online" – Enroll for free for Coursera "Learning to Teach Online" Course
    7. Videos/Webinars on Online Teaching Pedagogy
    8. Upload a Video File to your Canvas My Media

  5. Alignment of Outcome Based Education with online teaching especially for Engineering Discipline

    1. Accreditation & Outcome Based Approach
    2. Accreditation Workshop for Faculty and Program Administrators
    3. Assessing Student Learning
    4. Assessment & Complex Problem for PEVs
    5. Engineering Education, Accreditation and International Recognition
    6. Evidence-Based on-site Assessment during Accreditation Visits_for PEVs
    7. Experiences in Outcome Based Engineering Education-Accreditation in MALAYSIA
    8. Gap Analysis
    9. Implementing Outcome-based Assessment & Preparing for Program Accreditation_part 2
    10. Improving Education Deliverance and Attainment Standards Through Transforming Academic Institutions Towards OBE System
    11. OBE_Knowledge, Implementation and Assessment
    12. Outcome Based Education Management System-MyOBE
    13. Outcome Based Education
    14. Outcomes-based Accreditation System, Criteria and Process_part 1
    15. PEC Training on OBA for PEVs
    16. PEVs Workshop on OBA
    17. Workshop for Program Evaluators
    18. Training Workshops Presentation for PEVs Feb 8,9 2018